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December 12, 2013
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A Creepypasta Fanfic: Left Alone

[ Author’s note- (f/n)= First name
(e/c)= Eye color
(h/c)= Hair color
(h/l)= Hair length
(f/c)=favorite color
(y/h)=your hometown
I think you got it. It’s going to become that kind of thing. Do enjoy it >.< I really wanted to do my best ;3;
After Part 0, it’ll end up being all you >w< ]

Prologue - Part 0

Gracie stood at against a wall at gunpoint. The gun was aimed at her head. She gripped her flashlight tightly. Her gun also pointed at the person who was aiming their gun at her. The man was wearing a hood and a mask.
“Put the gun on the floor and walk away slowly with hands up to where I can see them!”, a man said, waving his gun to where he wanted Gracie to put the gun.
   Sweat dribbled down the side of her head as she walked slowly towards the man and placed the gun on the ground. “Good. Now back away.”, he said.
   Gracie slowly stood up and stepped backwards, ending back up against the wall with her flashlight. She could hear her heart racing nervously. Immediately the man walked up to the gun and kicked the gun. It slid towards another man. His hood was up so it was impossible to see who it was. She watched the man pick up her gun and point it at her. She saw her life flash before her. It was only a matter of time before something happened. “P-please d-don’t kill me. . .”, she said aloud.
   She cursed herself for letting such a plea escape her lips. Both of the men laughed at her. Then the boys removed their hoods. “M-masky. . .Hoodie. . .”, she said,” You really don’t mean to. . .”
   The brown haired boy with a mask sighed. Hoodie flinched. “I’m sorry, Gracie. It’s our orders. You ran away. Jeff’s already pissed.”, Masky said sighing again,” Ben begged us to spare you. Even he did.”
   Gracie looked away and closed her eyes. They stung with the liquid of salt and water. Hoodie spoke up,” H-however. . .We can bring you back under one condition. . .”, he said aloud.
   Masky nodded. “You are never to leave the house again.”, Masky said aloud, finishing Hoodie’s sentence.
   Gracie looked up at the boys. Tears were pouring down her, now red, cheeks. Gracie began to smile. She then said,” Why the fuck would I want to go back there?”
   Masky and Hoodie, both, flinched. “Tch. . .”, Masky spat out.
   Gracie glared at the boys. “I’m going to get you all arrested and you’re all going to pay in hell for what you’ve done!!!”, she screamed angrily.
   Masky felt his eyes sting. How could she do this to them? They all loved her. Why were they ordered to this? Hoodie raised his gun. He released the safety latch. A loud bang was heard.
Gracie immediately dodged the bullet and dashed passed the boys, jumping over the table that was beside them and throwing herself out the window. She rolled off the slanted roof. She began to run.
   Hoodie and Masky were just exiting when she was already making progress. “Don’t worry, Hoodie. . .”, Masky began,” Slendy’s got her.”
   Hoodie sighed and nodded.
Gracie’s feet slammed against the ground. She stopped by a tree and began to breath. She was exhausted. However, she knew she wasn’t safe. She was in the woods after all. She was in Slenderman’s territory. She had to keep moving. Hoodie and Masky were definately after her and she wouldn’t dare to sit by and get herself killed. She began to start jogging, then bumped into something. She stopped and looked up. She didn’t have time to react as the black tentacles entered her chest. She began to cough up blood as Slenderman emerged from the trees and pulled out his tentacle. He bent down next to Gracie and petted her. “I’m sorry.”, his raspy voice said.
Gracie looked up at Slenderman. Her eyes were apologetic. However, Slenderman knew what was really going on behind those eyes. “You lied to me. You lied to your friends. You lied to your family. You killed your family.”, he began,” Now you will join them. Just relax now.”
Gracie began to cry and coughed up more blood. Soon Masky and Hoodie came running. “AH!!”, cried out Masky, then immediately bowed,” We’re sorry, Slendy. . .We couldn’t kill her in time. . .”
Hoodie cowered behind Masky.
Slenderman turned his head to face Masky. “I know. She was a mouse. She wouldn’t stay locked up forever.”, he said sighing, stroking the young girl’s hair,” However, since you’re here. Put her out of her misery.”
Hoodie let out a huge sob and broke down crying. Slenderman teleported next to Hoodie and hugged him. “It’s alright, my proxy.”, he said soothingly.
Masky pulled out his gun and walked up to the downed Gracie. Gracie tried to crawl away, however, Masky was upon her within seconds and was aiming the gun at her head. She could feel the metal pressed against the back of her head. She slowly turned her head to face Masky.
BANG. Another sharp, but loud sound emerged from the gun. Gracie’s body fell limp. Blood poured from the open wounds. Slenderman was still hugging Hoodie. Hoodie sniffled and curled up into a ball. Slenderman then said,” Masky. . .Good job. There will be a reward for you when you get home. For now. . .I’ll take Hoodie home. Clean up the mess and return home immediately. I must inform the others of this.”
Masky nodded. “Yes sir.”, he said, saluting his master.
Slenderman nodded and disappeared. Masky turned to face what he had to clean up.
This is my very first reader x thing. I hope you guys like it x-x!!
I do not own creepypasta nor any of the characters in it (Although I wish I could =u=)

Part 0: YOU ARE HERE ;3
Part 1:…
Part 2:…
Part 3:…
Part 4:…
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